Our companies were developed to seek out ENERGY INCENTIVES for conservation, and provide a platform for consumers to take full advantage of every opportunity available. We find these incentives, provide the work or products involved and work with the utility or government agency for payments. In simple terms,  you get lower utility bills for conserving, based on work that is primarily funded for you.

Since the year 2000, the consumer cost of  energy to provide human comfort such as heat and cool, and warm water has risen 38.6%.  It is anticipated that this trend will continue for years to come,  due to explosive new development,  dilapidated and failing power grids and increased regulations.

Federal and state governments, associated regulators, and utility companies are addressing these problems in  a unique way:  CONSERVE. This means CASH INCENTIVES and REBATES for YOU.

Pure Blue Energy

pure blue energy

Our average customer saves 24% on their utility bill using just one of our many incentive programs.  Several programs are FULLY FUNDED through an incentive program.

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PBE solicits clients that will reap the most reward from energy incentive programs. We analyze the current energy situation looking at equipment versus potential energy savings and energy incentives. We recommend solutions designed to minimize cost and save the most. 

PBE recruits quality contractors for provision of the work. PBE Performance Contractors meet rigorous qualifications, including licensing  insurance, extensive training on very specialized equipment, testing, and implementation.   

FSE is a fully licensed, accredited, and insured contractor developed exclusively for over sight and implementation of energy efficiency programs.

Turning  Energy Company Incentives into Lower Client Utility Bills

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