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There is likely no area of society that affects every day life that has changed more than the light bulb. The common light bulb that we use to mindlessly buy and screw in has now become a complex and complicated purchase. Statistics and projections reveal that using the correct light bulbs will save as much as 71% over a 10 year period, even when considering the cost.

GOOD NEWS!  In MANY cases our services are ENTIRELY funded by a utility company. This is on a property by property basis and is seasonal. Please contact us so we can determine if your property qualifies for the program. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can reserve funding for your project. 

We will evaluate your current lighting and the associated KWh usage. We will  offer a solution based on achieving the maximum lighting output matched to desired locations with the largest KWh savings.

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New LED Lighting Solutions save as much as 71% in electricity costs over a 10 year period.