Electric heating of water is expensive. Energy efficiency experts have learned that  if we are able to reduce the amount of water to be heated, electricity savings will be obtained. New and improved shower heads and faucet aerators reduce water consumption as much as 37% without adversely affecting consumer experience.


GOOD NEWS!  In MANY cases our services are ENTIRELY funded by a utility company. This is on a property by property basis and is seasonal. Please contact us so we can determine if your property qualifies for the program. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can reserve funding for your project. 

We will evaluate the water output of your current fixtures and estimate KWh usage. We will  offer a solution based on achieving the maximum KWh savings without sacrificing consumer comfort. 

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Improved Faucet Aerators and Shower heads use up to 37% less water leading to lower electric water heating.

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